What items are ineligible for returns?

  • Customized Items: Custom (logo, monogram, etc.) apparel, gear, caps and swim suits are not eligible for return.  Please make sure you check order details prior to placing your order. If you are unsure of style or size, we recommend you contacting one of our representatives before placing a custom item order. 
  • Grab Bags: Grab Bag suits are not eligible for return. Please note: Grab Bag suits come in a variety of colors, patterns, and back styles (female suits).
  • Gift Card / Gift Certificates: Physical or emailed Gift Cards/Certificates are not eligible for refund.  
  • Technical Suits: At this time due to health reasons certain items in technical swimwear currently are not eligible for return.  This includes Speedo Intent, Speedo Valor, Speedo Pro, TYR Venzo, TYR Avictor, ARENA Carbon.
  • Direct from Manufacturer: Items that ship direct from the manufacturer may have different return policies.

Any received ineligible items will be rejected for refund and at Swimmers Network sole discretion either disposed of or retuned to the customer.